ICON Celebrates the Month of August 2021

ICON had a Busy and Productive Month of August

As we saw the fall of Afghanistan we wondered, along with so many others, what is the fate of Nigeria? We carry the burdens and the hopes of millions of Nigerians who are suffering from terrorism and insecurity.

We reflect on our efforts during the month of August, but we look ahead to the pressing concerns in the coming months. As Nigeria falls into chaos, there is a need for the Nigerian government to quickly address insecurity and for the international community to hold Nigeria accountable.
ICYMI: ICON Raises the Heat in August

Not only were we enduring the high temperatures in DC, Texas, and New Jersey, but we turned the heat up on our advocacy efforts for the crises in Nigeria. In case you missed any of our Livestreaming Events, Podcasts, or Breaking News reports … click on the links/images below to catch up!

Thur Aug 19th in Texas ICON hosted, ‘Nigeria: Jihad & Genocide’ ft. Rev. Johnnie Moore, Robert Destro, Douglas Burton, and other special guests.
Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka took to Channels TV and spoke candidly about the Nigerian crisis and fully commends and endorses the data report called “Nigeria’s Silent Slaughter: Genocide in Nigeria” prepared by the International Committee on Nigeria (ICON) and International Organisation for Peacebuilding and Social Justice (PSJ).
Plateau State (Nigeria) crisis worsens – reporter shares (WARNING: Due to graphic images, it is restricted to Only 18+)
ICON, as a lead member of the Committee to Free Nigerian Slaves, held a ‘Rally for Nigeria’ to raise awareness of the jihadist killings and enslavement of Nigerians on Saturday, July 24th in Newark, New Jersey.
Our New Texas Office
We also formally opened our Texas office in the city of Irving. Thanks to the generosity of Mercury One Studios, we were able to establish a presence in Texas.

Having a presence in Texas is important to our grassroots efforts. The largest population of Nigerians in the diaspora is located in cities like Dallas and Houston. We are currently planning a few events like a Town Hall with Congressional leaders and a Dinner Gala to reinforce our efforts, but also spread the vision and need to speak up for Nigeria.
ICON’s office in Irving, TX


Although ICON has accomplished many great things this summer already, there is still much to do. Please consider donating to help us put an end to the silent slaughter in Nigeria.

As always, thank you for your support and prayers, they mean more than you know.


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