ICON Celebrates the Month of July 2021

ICON believes that the celebration of America’s Independence on the 4th of July is a beacon of hope for all those suffering in Nigeria.

 We honor the sacredness of freedom and pray for those experiencing persecution and suppression who cling to the hope that they, too, will experience liberty from the hands of terrorism, violence, and oppression.

God Bless the United States of America.

Busy June

This summer has been full of travels, meetings, conferences, and speeches. Last month, ICON led the ‘Rally for Nigeria’ in Omaha, Nebraska, which raised awareness of the jihadist killings and enslavement of Nigerians.

ICON then traveled to Texas to meet with several key individuals and organizations while also attending the National Religious Broadcasting 2021 Convention. This event gave ICON the opportunity to discuss the persecution in Nigeria with a specific media audience.

Finally, ICON honored Nigeria’s Democracy Day 2021 by hosting the “Symposium on Nigeria: Democracy in Peril”. The discussion included recommendations for what the US and Nigerian governments should do to prevent and respond to democracy violations, as they continue to seek solutions to the crisis in Nigeria. Panelists included Baroness Cox, Robert Destro, and Dr. Obadiah Mailafia, Dr. Gregory Stanton, among others.
Building Momentum in July

This month, ICON will hit the road. as participate in the International Religious Freedom Summit in Washington, DC. This summit creates a powerful coalition of organizations that operate for the shared cause of religious freedom around the world while increasing public awareness and political strength for the international religious freedom movement.

ICON has been invited to join a side event during the Summit to discuss what they believe is the best way forward to positively impact the dire situation in Nigeria. ICON is also pleased to welcome Gloria Puldu, President of Leah Foundation, who will attend the IRF Summit and share an update from the Sharibu Family. 
Later this month, ICON will be traveling to Newark, New Jersey, to participate in the New Jersey Rally for Nigeria. ICON is mobilizing and engaging Nigerians in New Jersey to join the conversation and #SpeakUp for those facing persecution in Nigeria.
Also this month, we will have some incredible guests on our podcast, including former NFL legend, Benjamin Watson on July 27th and Reverend Johnnie Moore on July 13th. You won’t want to miss these amazing interviews. Set a reminder on the YouTube links to assure you catch the most recent episodes!  


Although ICON has accomplished many great things this summer already, there is still much to do. Please consider donating to help us put an end to the silent slaughter in Nigeria.

As always, thank you for your support and prayers, they mean more than you know.
Give Hope


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