The Time Is Now!

The International Committee On Nigeria (ICON) is asking you to Stand With Nigeria!

There can be no more excuses!


Now is the time to rise up and get behind an initiative that will bring change to Nigeria. We’re not merely talking about electing a suitable President but bringing lasting change and enduring hope.


In 2014, when Boko Haram kidnapped 219 Chibok girls, Nigerians exclaimed “Never again!”


It took 3 years to get 106 girls released and the world asks, “What about the remaining girls?” The government has shared nothing nor offered any hope to their release.

Then, in 2018, within a year of seeing a few of the freed Chibok girls, there was another attack and 110 girls were taken from a school in Dapchi. 5 girls tragically died and the government left behind 1 girl, her name is Leah Sharibu.


Why were over 100 girls released but there was 1 remaining? Is it because she was the only Christian? Is it because the government can’t negotiate with Boko Haram in an effective manner?


Meanwhile, Boko Haram continues to kidnap and abuse cities and villages throughout Northern Nigeria. Furthermore, why have the Fulani been allowed to increase their attacks across the Middle Belt without impediment?


Yet, with all the pronouncement and declarations of the Nigerian government there still remain unanswered questions:

  1. What are they doing to release the kidnapped girls, especially Leah Sharibu?
  2. What are they doing to protect their citizens from attacks?
  3. What can the Nigerian government do to protect citizens from further attacks?


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“We want a Special Envoy to Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin, NOW, NOW!!!”


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