Weekly Nigerian News – 1.25.21

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Boko Haram still active

Nine Soldiers Murdered as Boko Haram Fighters Attack Communities in Nasarawa State
Boko Haram fighters have killed nine soldiers in the Doma area of Nasarawa State. The soldiers were sent on a rescue operation in a forest along Mararaba-Udege road in the state, linking Otukpo Oweto in Benue State. The slain soldiers were led to the forest by an officer Felix Kura, an indigene of Benue State. According to TheNation, the slain officers were on a mission to dislodge the Boko Haram terrorists from the forest who kidnapped some indigenes of the state and held them captive. The operation led to about five Boko Haram terrorists’ death before they were overpowered by the terrorists whose weapons, it was gathered, were more sophisticated than those used by the soldiers.…READ MORE

Nigeria at risk of becoming failed state, says Atiku

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar has said Nigeria is at risk of becoming a failed state if the foundational challenges preventing the central government from discharging its responsibilities are not resolved. Atiku said this in an article titled “Nigeria Needs The Peace Serum of Restructuring” which he shared on social media. He called for the restructuring of the country, pointing out that the unitary foundation which Nigeria has been running on has not yielded much change. He said, “Nigeria needs to be restructured. Just look at Nigeria today. This truth is staring us in our collective faces. “The current ethnic and religious clashes bedevilling Nigeria are symptoms of the disease. They themselves are not the illness. We must address the root causes of the various symptoms of insecurity Nigeria now faces.…READ MORE

Insecurity in S/West may escalate if Buhari does not act fast, Yoruba elders warn
Coalition of Oduduwa Elders (COE) has warned against another civil unrest from rising tension as a result of insecurity in the country. Particularly, the elders bemoaned the growing tension in the South West, insisting that President Muhammadu Buhari should intervene urgently. The elders warned that with the spate of insecurity taking its toll in the country, Nigeria may soon cease to exist unless proactive steps are taken by the Federal Government to salvage the situation. Their reaction came on Monday, following the tension generated across the country occasioned by violent attacks and burning of houses and cars in Oyo State. The socio-cultural group however advised that one of the urgent steps the Presidency must adopt should be to overhaul the entire security system.…READ MORE

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