Stephen Enada

Stephen S. Enada

Stephen S. Enada promotes the vision of International Committee on Nigeria (ICON) as President and Co-Founder. He has over 25 years’ experience in asset-based-community and international development. Stephen has led many innovative programs in Africa especially Nigeria. He holds graduate degree in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary and also certificate in Leadership and Finance from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. He is alum of US State Department International Leadership Program (IVLP) on religious freedom and social initiative. He is a fellow at the Equator Peace Academy of Uganda Martyr University. Stephen is a director of International Theme Park, a Nigerian-based attraction and amusement industry.

Stephen has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Veritas Development Collaborative Limited, an Agribusiness Consulting Firm in partnership with Galilee International Management Institute, Nahalal Israel. Stephen also pioneered as Executive Director of Ayobola Pension Foundation in Nigeria where he advocated for the rights of retirees to affordable housing and sustainable livelihood. Stephen is married to Josephine and together they are raising two young boys.