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The Time Is Now!

The International Committee On Nigeria (ICON) is asking you to Stand With Nigeria!
There can be no more excuses!


Now is the time to rise up and get behind an initiative that will bring change to Nigeria. We’re not merely talking about electing a suitable President but bringing lasting change and enduring hope.


In 2014, when Boko Haram kidnapped 219 Chibok girls, Nigerians exclaimed “Never again!”


It took 3 years to get 106 girls released and the world asks, “What about the remaining girls?” The government has shared nothing nor offered any hope to their release.

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Nigeria farmer-herder conflict now deadlier than Boko Haram

ICON: This is a long time coming, as many have known this to be the case already, but it has not been acknowledged by the Federal Government. Please read the following article published by AP.

By SAM OLUKOYA (Jul. 26, 2018)

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Nigeria now faces a deadlier threat than its own Boko Haram insurgency, with fighting between farmers and herdsmen over scare resources killing far more people this year, a new report said Thursday.

The violence “threatens to become even deadlier” and could undermine national stability ahead of elections next year,

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Call for Special Envoy to Nigeria

We Ask the United States Send a Special Envoy (Coordinator) to Nigeria & Lake Chad Basin

ICON is requesting that the United States government send a Special Envoy (Coordinator) to Nigeria and Lake Chad Basin. The specific purpose would promote, develop and coordinate an adequate response to the crises in Nigeria.

The nation of Nigeria is a strategic interest to the United States. Nigeria stands at the intersection of North Africa and Sub Saharan African. Of the top 25 most populous countries, Nigeria has the highest social hostilities around religion.1As Africa’s most populous state;

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How Can Nigerians Trust the Armed Forces to Help?

Amnesty International released a scathing report on how the Nigerian Armed Forces are continuing to prove that it can’t be trusted (AI Report: “Nigeria 2017/18”). How can the country trust the armed forces if there are reports of rape, violence & abuse? The media has been running wild with accounts and accusations that stem from AI’s report, but the Nigerian armed forces continue to deny, criticize and disregard  (see BBC’s article, “Boko Haram Crisis”).

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